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Welcome to the Institute for the Advancement of Service

The goal of all service is to support the emergence of one another’s highest potential. We bring our best selves to our service when we attend to our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. We balance our care of self with our work in the world and our care of others.

Universal Tributes

Founded in 1980 and incorporated as an educational and spiritual organization, the Institute for the Advancement of Service is located in the metropolitan Washington, DC area – in Alexandria, VA – where we offer a series of web-based courses and study programsOur curriculum focuses on the dynamic relationship between soul development, service, and leadership.  The foundation of the Institute’s teachings and practices is based upon The Soul and Service Trilogy by co-founder Susan S. Trout:

  • Born to Serve: The Evolution of the Soul Through Service, with a Foreword by His Holiness the Dalai Lama (1997)
  • The Awakened Leader: Leadership as a Classroom of the Soul (2005), and
  • The Clarion Call: Leadership and Group Life in the Aquarian Era (2009)

The Clarion Way
is the name given to the teachings of The Soul and Service Trilogy. As a philosophy, a school of thought, and a psychospiritual path, The Clarion Way teachings awaken our inner knowing and guide us in applying that knowing in the world through action. The Clarion Way includes ten principles called Universal Tributes which provide a road map for attaining self-transformation through service.

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It is from the treasury of our own gifts
that we find fulfillment and joy in giving.

Susan S. Trout, PhD, Born to Serve

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The Soul and Service Trilogy

by Susan S. Trout

Born to Serve

The Awakened Leader

The Clarion Call

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