An Eight-Week Website Course


To provide a context for understanding ten shifts that are currently occurring as old structures and belief systems collapse and new ones emerge.


  1. To gain a perspective on the next evolutionary step of humanity
  2. To use the ten shifts of consciousness as a compass to navigate a changing world
  3. To learn to balance your life under the demands of constant change
The relationship between personal growth, service, and the soul's evolution is dynamic and systemic and necessitates a shift in our awareness of service.
~ Susan S. Trout, PhD


Are you feeling stressed or out of balance – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually?  Are things happening in the world and in your own life that make you feel out of control and unsure of what to do?

Ask yourself if now is the time for you to devote yourself to understanding ten major evolutionary shifts that are occurring in today’s changing world.   These shifts explain the current status of our evolution as individuals and as humankind and provide you with the opportunity to look beyond to the future of how our world may evolve.

Technology appears to have caused the universe to speed up; under the demands of constant change, time itself seems to be in short supply.  Increasing numbers of people feel a loss of control over outer circumstances.  This feeling is compelling them to an intense search for wellbeing based on inner resources and for a shared reality that includes meaningful and appropriate service.

We are moving toward being equal partners in the world, supporting one another in a search for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.  The fragility and beauty of human life and of the world’s resources demand that we recognize our interconnectedness in all aspects of life – economic, political, social, environmental, and so on.

This website course supports the view that as a global family, it is imperative that we accept our responsibility for one another and the planet. The course helps us identify just what this responsibility entails.

The Entering the 5th Dimension Website Course consists of two lessons that span two months.  Consider enrolling only if you plan to fulfill the study and time requirements (see below).  The course cannot be extended past the original two-month time period. The two-month course allows time to work with the material and integrate its teaching at a gradual pace. As part of making your decision to enroll, carefully read course requirements and time commitments listed below.

Topics covered

  • Service in the twenty first century: A Soul Perspective
  • Ten shifts of consciousness: Moving from – moving to
  • Practicing the shifts: personally and collectively


  • Read portions of Born to Serve by Susan S. Trout
  • Follow the designated study steps and complete reading and worksheet assignments on schedule
  • Spend approximately seven hours a week to complete each of the two lessons of the course
  • Send designated worksheets to assigned faculty member
  • Apply course material in personal and work life
  • Discuss completed assignments and handouts in a monthly phone call with your assigned faculty member, plus additional contact by email as needed


  1. Interested person is emailed course description and sample of the first month assignments
  2. Person registers if wishes to enroll by calling 703-706-5333 OR emailing info@ias-online.org.


  1. Student is provided with the Table of Contents and assignments and handouts for the first month and asked to review them before orientation phone call or meeting.
  2. Phone or in-person orientation to review assignments and handouts for the first month and set a starting date, as well as dates and times for the following phone calls:*
    • A half-hour “check-in” phone call from your assigned faculty member to address any questions you may have will take place two weeks after you have started the first lesson.
    • A one-hour phone call made by you to your faculty member will take place at the end of the first month to review the first month’s work and experience with the material.
    • A one-hour phone call made by you to your assigned faculty member will take place at the end of the second month to review the month’s assignments and experience with the material.

* Student is invited to contact faculty member during the month if s/he has difficulty working with the materials and needs support.

A higher calling of service means not so much being of service as being service.
~ Susan S. Trout, PhD

Course Tuition: $250

Fee Policy: Course paid in full at registration.  Full refund if you withdraw within three days.  Course fee is nonrefundable after three days.  Participant makes and pays for monthly phone calls.

Text: You will need to purchase your own copy of Born to Serve.

Reference: Susan S. Trout, PhD, Born to Serve: The Evolution of the Soul Through Service. Alexandria, VA: Three Roses Press, ©1997.

Disclaimer: The Institute for the Advancement of Service does not provide medical and mental health care.  As such, website courses and study programs are not intended to be psychotherapy, medical therapy, or a substitute for either one.  Participants are required to assume self-responsibility for their wellbeing by seeking, when appropriate, psychological and medical professional care.

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