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S.O.S. – Pray for Planet Earth

We have forgotten who we are
And why we have come
A clarion blast
Awakens us to our injured and dying world
Together we answer Her urgent call
To treat Her with reverence
By extending Love and Light to our Home –
Planet Earth

~ Susan Trout ~

Alarm bells are ringing. Our beloved planet is experiencing extreme ecological and spiritual distress. The resilience and regenerative ability of Earth’s ecosystem is no longer sustainable. Organisms – all living things – and their environments are unable to play their distinctive role in the interconnected ecosystem of relationships. The air, land, and water are toxic, poisoning what we eat, drink, and breathe, causing birth defects and life-threatening diseases. The dire consequences of global warming, natural disasters, and the destruction of land, sea, animals, and insects are ignored by governments with no political will. Human relationships at home and abroad have become increasingly divisive and rigidly rooted in discrimination, polarity thinking, prejudice, fear, and a separation of the “haves” and “have-nots.” Violence, rage, and severe depression abound.

We can begin to live the new story of living life with integrity and interconnectedness by praying for Planet Earth.

To stop the speed of coming disaster, Planet Earth has put out an S.O.S. – a call for humanity to Save Our Souls.  Earth’s S.O.S. asks that we design and put into practice a new story about how to live a life with integrity on Planet Earth. This new story will enable us to acknowledge our interconnectedness and to live it.  For the good of all, we will recognize and engage our spiritual relationship with Planet Earth. One primary way we can live this story is by praying for the planet. With love and prayer, we will transform our energies, from dark to light and from separation to joining.  We answer the S.O.S. by aligning with our Soul and joining with humanity to create this new story for ourselves, our countries, and Planet Earth.

In his 2019 book, Including the Earth in Our Prayers, renowned Sufi teacher Llewelyn Vaughn-Lee writes that, “Earth is dying, species are depleted, oceans are full of plastic, as our cultures seem caught in divisiveness.” Earth, who has “nourished us with Her endless generosity, whom we have raped and desecrated, is unbalanced, sick, and needs our care and attention.” To survive, Vaughn-Lee writes, humanity must immediately make a major change in its mindset by going beyond focusing on self-transformation and by no longer denying that we are starving the Soul of the World of its spiritual energy – of Love and Light – energy that it needs for regeneration and evolution. In other words, with a mindset of Love and Light, humanity must take action and dedicate itself to being of service to life and to Earth’s Divinity.

How can we handle the uncertainty of our times? We can keep the sacred alive with a commitment to pray for our planet daily. We can use the opportunity this challenge of uncertainty presents by changing our mindset. In addition to praying for our planet, we can seek out practical ways to engage in ecology. We can plant healthy mental, emotional, and spiritual seeds within ourselves and our families. We can nurture these seeds and see what they can do with their own power over time.

How to Pray for Planet Earth

The Prayer

Praying for Planet Earth extends Love and Light to its entirety – thereby inviting individuals, countries, nations, and nature (plants, animals, all living creatures, together with earth, air, land, sky, and sea) to receive Love and Light from the Divine.

Step One: Place one or both hands over your heart. In silence, visualize Planet Earth and feel its spiritual presence in your heart.  You may wish to express directly to Planet Earth your deep concern for Her health and wellbeing.

Step Two: From your heart, say this prayer as many times as you wish:

“As part of humanity, I pray that Planet Earth receive Divine Love
and Light for its highest possible evolution.”

The prayer does not focus on what we think the planet needs, such as better government, cooperation among countries, or an improved economy. Rather, this Buddhist prayer invites Love and Light to support and guide Planet Earth’s highest possible evolution at this time.

After the Prayer

After saying the prayer, we must take some sort of appropriate action. His Holiness the Dalai Lama highlighted this need during a talk he gave to a small group a few years ago in Dharamsala, India. When asked, “Is praying for peace in the world helpful?” he responded:

Praying for peace [or Love and Light] is good, but if that’s all you do, it’s a waste of time and may be counterproductive. If you walk away from such prayers feeling that you’ve done your part, you’re deceiving yourself.

In other words, after you pray you must take appropriate actions every day to support bringing that prayer into reality.

What appropriate actions can we personally take to help Planet Earth receive Divine Love and Light for its highest possible evolution? We each must reflect on what that might be for us.  For example, you might decide to focus on helping nature by reducing your family’s household wastefulness by more than half in the next six months. You could become active in some ecological group or committee in your community.  You might volunteer at an animal shelter.  You could decide to listen from your heart when communicating with others about the needs of Planet Earth.

Your actions must be practical, integrous, and something you commit to doing. Small actions can lead to further actions, as well as inspire others to take action themselves. Enacted in the right spirit, any action brings us into alignment with our Soul – and this in turn serves the planet and all its inhabitants.

After regularly using the prayer, “As part of humanity, I pray that Planet Earth receive Divine Love and Light for its highest possible evolution,” you will discover that you can easily connect your heart to the planet in prayer. Decide when and what amount of time you wish to spend offering prayers of Love and Light to Planet Earth. Honor that commitment.

Most importantly, call on your inner strength to handle the uncertainty of our time. Do your best not to harm and add further pain to Planet Earth.  Know your life will be enriched and filled with meaning and grace when you make a commitment to answer the urgent S.O.S. from our beloved Home.

Closing Thoughts

Praying for Planet Earth is an expression of offering True Service. True Service turns the beneficial energy of our inward growth back out to flower in the external world. It supports health and wellbeing on all levels of participation – self, family, leadership, group, country, and Planet Earth. True Service is alive within us when we take any action that protects our planet and all of her inhabitants, sentient and insentient.

To have a sense of empowerment and possibilities for True Service related to healing the planet, follow Theodore Roosevelt’s advice to “keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.” Begin NOW to live “the new story” of interdependence and sacred ecology – to Save Our Souls and save our beloved Planet Earth.

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Photo attribution: © Can Stock Photo Inc. / © Can Stock Photo Inc. / vladstar

Who will speak for Planet Earth?  ~ Carl Sagan

On behalf of Planet Earth, journal on how you plan to manifest Theodore Roosevelt’s advice to “keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground” –
or how you might live “the new story” of interdependence and sacred ecology.



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Infusing the World with Light through Prayer


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Infusing the World with Light through Prayer

From the point of Light within the Mind of God,
Let Light stream forth into human minds.
Let Light Descend on Earth.

~ From The Great Invocation ~

Recently, when a number of different people suggested I write a blog post about prayer, I was intrigued.  Several told me they were not sure they knew how to pray “properly” and wondered if their prayers really made any difference. Their sharing brought to mind what I have learned in the course of the many years I have studied the subject of prayer in all its aspects and spiritual traditions.

In the process of conducting this research, I came to recognize that there are important aspects of prayer about which many people are not aware. The synchronicity of receiving a number of requests at the same time from various friends and colleagues to write on this subject suggests that now would be an opportune time to share what I have learned about prayer.

There are important aspects of prayer about which many people are not aware.

Prayer has a great power to support us at the most demanding of times. It can allow us to feel safe regardless of the challenges life presents to us. It can enable us to stand strong when we are buffeted by outer extremes of weather and of cultural, social, and political change, and by inner tensions of fear and distress.

Prayer allows us to powerfully respond to humanity’s cry for help in a world that can feel forbidding and dangerous–to the Earth’s cry as its seas fill with plastic and its forests burn. An awareness of how to respond purposefully to the ongoing crises and injustices of our world emerges when we invite the Light of Heaven to infuse ourselves and others through prayer.

Before praying for someone, we need to pause and connect our heart with the Light of Heaven. The Light of Heaven, also referred to as God’s Light, is prayer’s sacred power. Prayer manifests as a point of Light shaped like a star. Those who accept a prayer’s point of Light within their heart will “wake up” to their spirituality and welcome knowledge, wisdom, conscious knowing, and sacred service into their lives.

How paltry is our awareness and understanding of the power of this Light! Once we accept the presence and purpose of this Light, we will recognize Earth as a school in which we learn, grow, and serve. How the person who is prayed for benefits from accepting the Light is a matter between God and that person.

When we reject this Light, we risk becoming lost in a world of power, money, and accumulation of material goods. Lacking a sense of purpose in life, we turn to outer temptations, distractions, and addictions and neglect the care of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. When this happens, it is crucial that we ask the Light to show us another way.

Years ago, I discovered a Buddhist prayer that extends Light to others with purity and integrity. The prayer consists of this simple phrase: “I pray for ______’s highest possible evolution.” The prayer does not focus on what we think the person needs, such as relief from her or his suffering, or a change in the person’s behavior, attitude, health, or job. Rather, the prayer invites the Light to support and guide the person’s highest possible evolution at this time in the person’s life.

The one who prays needs to follow four steps to ensure that a prayer has been delivered and will bear fruit. These steps can also be adapted and used when praying for a group of people, such as a family, church, organization, or country. (A version adapted for praying for a group is available HERE.)

Steps to Follow to Pray for a Person

Step One: Begin by placing your hand on your heart and taking three slow, deep breaths. Link your heart, where the human soul (with a lower case “s”) is located, to your Soul (with a capital “S,” also known as your Higher Self), which is located eight inches above your head. Imagine the linking of soul to Soul with a line of Light-energy. Next, link this line of Light-energy with the Light of God (also called the Light of Heaven or Light of Divine Source). You may use the Soul Alignment to do this (found on the Institute’s website HERE).

Step Two: Bring the person to mind for whom you wish to pray. Pause a moment or so to connect with the heart of this person.  For example, if this is someone with whom you have undelivered communications, mentally share your communication with the person’s soul in a kind, loving, and nonjudgmental way. Come from your heart when you do this. NEVER blame or accuse the person of any wrongdoing or give them advice.

If this is a person with whom you have grievances, briefly share your wish to have a healthy and positive relationship, perhaps saying something like, “Our relationship (and/or certain events in my life) have not always gone well. I’d like to share some truths (secrets) about myself and how that has affected my relationship with you.” On the other hand, you may wish to tell the person you are praying for what you appreciate about them or what you have failed to thank them for–now or in the past.  For example, you might say, “I would like you to know how grateful I am for all the ways you have helped me in my life, like the time when _____.”


If you skip Steps One or Two and only say, 
“I pray for _____,” the Light (the prayer) DOES NOT move towards and reach the person.
This is also true when we only say “sending prayers and blessings.”

Step Three
: Ask the person for permission to pray for her or him. It is the person’s choice whether to accept or reject the gift of the Prayer of Light. You can either personally ask the person for permission or, if that is not possible, you can connect your heart to the person’s soul and ask permission. I usually get a “yes,” but, on occasion, people do not give me permission to pray for them. We impose our will if we do not ask for permission and if we assume we know what is best for the person. A person has to sincerely want help in order to be open to receiving the Prayer of Light.

Step Four: If permission has been given, state this simple phrase: “I pray for ______’s highest possible evolution.” Do not focus on what you think the person needs. Rather, allow the prayer to do its work. The prayer invites the Light to support and guide the person’s highest possible evolution at this time in his or her existence, whatever that may be.


1. Align your heart (soul) with Divine Source.
2. Connect with the heart (soul) of the person. Communicate your appreciation and/or concerns to the person with kindness and without blame.
3. Ask the person for permission to pray for him or her.
4. If permission has been given, state: “I pray for _______’s highest possible evolution.”

How often and for how long you continue praying for someone will vary from person to person. Periodically ask the person’s soul if he or she wishes to continue receiving prayer. Steps Two and Three do not need to be followed after the initial contact has been made with the person. After using this approach to prayer a few times, you will discover that it does not take long to easily connect to the person in prayer. Decide when and what amount of time you wish to spend offering prayers of Light, and honor that commitment.

We stand on the threshold of a new reality coming to Earth. In this new reality, we will see that all is energy. We will welcome Light as the energy of Spirit, the energy of the soul, the energy of life. We will awaken to our spiritual origins. We will know that our world is destined to be infused with Light in its many forms–understanding, wisdom, beauty, truth, meaning, purpose, compassion, and love. We will literally stand beneath a waterfall of Light. We can do our part to usher in this new reality of a planet infused with Divine Light by using, in this way, the sacred power of prayer.


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Kimble and Marcia M. Saiz. Brasilia, Brazil: International Spiritist Council (2010).

After using the practice of infusing a person with Light through prayer, what positive differences have you observed in the quality of your prayer life?
In your spiritual wellbeing?



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(including families, small groups, organizations,
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That Was Then ~ This Is NOW

Take the hand of tomorrow
for the yesterday is no more.

~ Susan S. Trout, The Clarion Call ~

In my early 30’s, I experienced a crisis in my life that stemmed from accumulated regrets and neglect of my physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.  In desperation, I decided to share my regrets with a spiritual teacher whose teachings I had grown to trust.  I wrote her a letter that described my many regrets and asked for forgiveness.  She answered my letter with two sentences: “There is nothing to forgive.  Use what you have learned from your life to help others.”

We serve when we willingly share, in some way, the wisdom we have gleaned from our life experiences.

The power of her words dramatically refocused my life.  I understood that my teacher’s words meant “that was then ~ this is now.” “That was then” represented choices I had made in reaction to childhood trauma.  These choices were not always helpful for me or for others. I acknowledged my emotional pain and  subsequently embarked on many years of personal healing combined with an ongoing search for the true meaning of service.

I sensed that my spiritual teacher’s words, “this is now,” reflected my deep desire to have a heart-centered life and a personal destiny of true service. I recognized that life, with its achievements and challenges, with its joys and sorrows, gifts us with many opportunities to learn, grow, and serve.  We serve when we willingly share, in some way, the wisdom we have gleaned from our life experiences. The spirit of our life is thereby made visible in the spirit of our giving and receiving.

What is urgently needed in the “this is NOW” of our world?

Many of us are asking ourselves this question. It is essential that we focus our energies in a meaningful, sacred way if we are to help people grow and evolve psychologically and spiritually during this present dangerous and frightening time in our world.  There is no time to waste.

Andrew Harvey, Founder and Director of the Institute for Sacred Activism, writes:

the large-scale practice of Sacred Activism can become an essential force for preserving and healing the planet and its inhabitants … we need to invite concerned people to take up the challenge of our contemporary global crises by becoming inspired, effective, and practical agents of institutional and systemic change.  Sacred Activism … is born of a fusion of deep spiritual knowledge, courage, love, and passion, with wise, radical action in the world.

Three premises support our decision to live and serve in the spirit of the sacred NOW:

  • Service pervades all of life. The spirit of service exists in all activities of life, whether we cook meals, teach school, paint pictures, tend gardens, sweep streets, build buildings, head an organization, or visit someone who is ill.  It is present in our varied communications with family, colleagues, friends, and strangers. As we evolve spiritually, service is less about doing and more about being.  More and more, we focus on the quality of our heart and mind while living and working in the outer world.

  • The quality of our motivations determines the quality of our service.  We are all servers and we are all being served.  Our purest service occurs when we offer others more energy to heal and make helpful choices.  To attain this, we

    1. give the right amount of the right thing for the right reason and at the right time,
    2. show another way to others through the example of our lives and our interactions,
    3. broaden our service to include the wellbeing of Earth and its inhabitants, and
    4. extend Light into the world through prayer and meditation.

  • We serve when we willingly share, in some way, the wisdom we have gleaned from our life experiences. A three-stage Life Experience Inventory can help us identify our unique gifts of service in the NOW. The following inventory focuses on using what we have learned from our lives to genuinely help others and to willingly participate in Sacred Activism.

The chart below illustrates the Life Experiences Inventory using four examples from my life. This blog essay's Reflection invites you to complete the Life Experiences Inventory using examples from your own life.


* Click HERE for a printable copy of this chart, including a blank
to fill in with your own life experiences.


As we heal personally, we have more energy and can become a clearer instrument of healing for others and for the planet – NOW.  When we are willing to share the lessons we have learned, we serve in our unique way – NOW.  We hold a space for others to be healed of conditions which we have healed or are healing within ourselves – NOW.   When we serve in this way, our unique manner of service broadens throughout our lifetime to include Earth and its inhabitants – NOW. We choose to serve by participating in some form of Sacred Activism – NOW.



Susan Trout. Born to Serve: The Evolution of the Soul Through Service. Alexandria, VA: Three Roses Press, 1997.

Andrew Harvey and Carolyn Baker. Savage Grace: Living Resiliently in the Dark Night of the Globe.  Bloomington, IN: iUniverse, 2017.


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Adding Light to the World: An Urgent Call

We had forgotten who we are
And why we had come
A clarion blast
Awakens us to our injured world
Together we answer an urgent call
To add Light to the world

~ Susan S. Trout ~

A crisis of epidemic proportions blankets the world. Devastating natural disasters, wars between nations, financial uncertainty, misused technology, political disturbances, terrorism, and threats of global destruction shatter our reality. As the chaos of our world intensifies, we search for ways to help and bring love, care, and compassion into the world, wondering:

The greatest need in today’s world is that it needs
more Light.

What is the greatest need in our world today? How do we connect with our inner strength? What is the highest service we can extend to humanity?  The answer to these questions is clear:

  • The greatest need in today’s world is that it needs more Light.
  • We experience inner strength when we connect to the Sacred Within and trust our willingness and ability to be a Force of Light.
  • Our highest service to humanity is to breathe Light into the world.

The Gift of the Hamsa Mantra

The Hamsa mantra is a balance between the outbreath and inbreath of God.  Our inbreath is from God; our outbreath (from God) adds to the Light of the world. We thereby extend God’s Life Force into the world, serving the highest good of humanity and the planet. This is true for every breath we take.

Hamsa means I am That – That I am.  “I” is individual self-awareness. “That” is the unlimited consciousness of the Universal Self, also referred to as the I AM Presence, Divine Source, God Within, Father-Mother God, Unknowable Absolute, and Life Force. The Hamsa mantra affirms our connection with the Divine and thereby supports our remembering that we are not alone.

The Hamsa mantra (also called the natural or prana mantra) goes on continually in all living creatures. It is due to the Hamsa mantra pulsation that we are alive. In a human being, the breath comes in and goes out 21,600 times a day, and each time it repeats this mantra. This process goes on continuously day and night in a living being – Ham on the inbreath, sa on the outbreath – again and again: Ham-sa... Ham-sa…

In real time, we add to the Light of the world and thereby reflect back to God our gift of life. By adjusting our awareness about every breath we take, no matter where we are or what we are doing, thinking, or feeling, we add Light to the world. With our outbreath, we ask that every thought, feeling, and deed be consecrated with Divine Love for the purpose of adding to the Light of the world every minute of every day. In this process, we become Lightbearers, those who show another way – a way to learn, grow, and serve with love and compassion.

Hamsa Mantra Meditation Practice

Acknowledge trust in your ability to be a Force of Light by affirming from your heart:  “I breathe in the Light of God.  I breathe out God’s Light to the World.”

Hamsa mantra meditation is a simple technique of quietly watching the breath come in and go out, without doing anything else. As the breath comes in, it makes the sound Ham (pronounced as h-ah-m), meaning I breathe in the Light of God. As the breath goes out, it makes the sound sa (pronounced s-ah), meaning I breathe out God’s Light to the World.

Sit upright with your feet on the floor or in a cross-legged position on the floor or in a chair. Join the index finger and thumb of each hand and rest your hands on your knees. Keep your spine straight and comfortable.

Close your eyes. Breathe naturally.

Repeat the mantra silently: Ham on the in-breath, sa on the out-breath.

Concentrate on the mantra. Become absorbed in it. Move into meditation, bringing your attention back to the mantra when you are distracted by thoughts, feelings, or noises.

Meditate for 20 minutes or for a period of time that is comfortable for you.

Note: The secret of the Hamsa was first revealed in 
the great Kashmir Shaivism treatise,
the Vijnana Bhairava

It's Apple Blossom Time © by Gay Galleher

(for purchase, visit

Journal thoughts and feelings that arise as you contemplate this teaching: Our highest service to humanity is to breathe Light into the world.


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The Strong Must Be Made Stronger

The convergence of our inner journey
with our outer one leads to the discovery of
our soul’s unique destiny. Gradually, we develop
inner strength and move from being self-centered
to being centered on humanity.

~ Susan S. Trout, Born to Serve ~


With inner strength, we can choose to participate in and to be blessed by the evolution of a soul-inspired life in the Aquarian Era.

Years ago, I had a dream during which these words were chanted: “the strong must be made stronger.” At the time, I viewed the chant as a statement of the Institute’s mission to support those seeking personal growth and spiritual development. Recently, I discovered that the chant has an even higher purpose – to address our grief and fear concerning today’s unpredictable and tumultuous world and to seek inner strength by connecting to the Sacred Within.

Many of us view ourselves as strong, yet are aware of the presence of niggling concerns that lie just beneath our level of awareness. We fear we may lack the inner strength necessary to weather the multiple looming uncertainties currently brewing on Planet Earth. These include global warming, wars between nations, financial uncertainty, misused technology, and terrorism, among others. Our grief is overwhelming as we learn about the disregard of the wellbeing and safety of sentient beings and the brutal treatment and killing of so many. We wonder if we will be strong enough during the unpredictable transition from the 3rd and 4th dimensions of the Piscean Era into the 5th dimension of the Aquarian Era. We question whether we will be the ones who can help others during this transition or if we will find ourselves among those needing help.

Regardless of how we experience our inner strength, we are wise to take an honest, non- judgmental look at what we think, feel, and do that weakens our inner strength, and what we think, feel, and do that strengthens it. For example, do we strive to live a life of ease, looking for instant gratification, making excuses, escaping into endless distractions, or engaging in complaining, blaming, and condemning? Or do we strive to practice self-responsibility for our thoughts and reactions, engage in spiritual growth, and tend to our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health?  Are we committed to becoming stronger and, if so, what supports this happening?

flower from asphalt   canstockphoto43603727

Nurturing Inner Strength = Being Made Stronger

The Ten Universal Tributes and their Tenets are inspired teachings that serve as a guide for ensuring that the strong will be made stronger – if they are taken to heart and practiced regularly. An inherent aspect of the Institute’s foundational teachings found in The Soul and Service Trilogy, the Tributes address the source of our inner strength, the quality of our inner state, and the quality of our relationships with others.

Three of the Tribute’s major premises and practices – self-responsibility, soul alignment, and service – can, during this transformational time in human history, transform us if we wish to become stronger and serve others.


When we are self-responsible, we shift our thoughts, actions, and words to look within rather than without for wholeness.

  • With honesty and kindness, I take responsibility for my own choices and allow others to do the same. (Tribute 5)
  • The presence of patience, gentleness, and unconditional acceptance lessens resistance to change and growth. (Tribute 9, Tenet 7)


We have an obligation not only to love each other,
but also in our love to make ourselves as lovable
as possible so that it is easy for our sisters
and brothers to love us.

~ William of St. Thierry ~

Soul Alignment

When we align with our Soul, we are guided, taught, and protected throughout our lives so that we fulfill our life purpose.

  • I have been given a unique assignment by the Divine and, having accepted this function, I live my life with integrity, commitment, and gratitude. (Tribute Two, Tenet 2)
  • To be inspired is to put the Divine first in my life, thereby aligning my will with Divine Will and fulfilling my assigned life purpose and mission. (Tribute Two, Tenet 4)


Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.

~ Maya Angelou ~


When we are of service, we offer the right thing in the right way at the right time for the right reason and in the right amount.

  • I am unconsciously giving and receiving all the time; the more conscious I am of the level on which I give and receive, the more helpful my giving and receiving is to the wellbeing of myself and others.  (Tribute 7, Tenet 6)
  • Divine Will works through me as me when I have no attachment to the form of the task and no expectations of outcome. (Tribute 3)


Be mindful when you have an opportunity
to show another way.

~ Source Unknown ~

A Clarion Call to Making Ourselves Stronger

At this time on Planet Earth, we can choose whether or not to hear the clarion call to be made stronger and help others do the same. We are called to make a choice between the old and the new, between what was and what will be. We are called to practice cooperation and to live as one global family. We are called to slow down in order to recognize and benefit from synchronistic events. Synchronicity, or the flow of unexpected events, guides us, awakens us, alerts us, and shows us how to develop and sustain inner strength. We can call on the wisdom of the Universe to help us deepen our collective understanding of what is destined to emerge in the world.

With inner strength, we can choose to participate in and to be blessed by the evolution of a soul-inspired life in the Aquarian Era. Indeed, when we choose to live a soul-inspired life – when we choose to live life completely and well – we are gradually made stronger and move from being centered on ourselves to being centered on humanity.


As a daily practice, find a specific example in your life
of how a particular Tribute or Tenet supported you making yourself stronger.


Reference: Susan S. Trout, PhD, Born to Serve: The Evolution of the Soul Through Service. Alexandria, VA: Three Roses Press, ©1997. The Clarion Call: Leadership and Group Life in the Aquarian Era. Alexandria, VA: Three Roses Press, ©2009.

Photo attribution: © Can Stock Photo / ipopba (flower); kavita (woman)

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Reflections of a Wisdom Gatherer

What does it mean to serve "through God's eyes"?

Wisdom Gatherers inspire and challenge us by shedding light on the limitations and possibilities of our perspective and guiding us to think, feel, and live in a freer, less constrained way. With humility, Wisdom Gatherers learn from their experiences and from observing the experiences of others. They cherish the privilege of learning from the teachings of their mistakes and their physical and emotional pain. Wisdom Gatherers share what they learn in service with inhabitants of our beloved spiritual classroom known as Planet Earth. With humility, I accept the rigorous and sacred work of wisdom gathering and treasure the opportunity to share some of the wisdom I have gained thus far. I extend blessings to all as we welcome the year 2017.

Our lives on Planet Earth are not rehearsed before we are born. Rather, we find ourselves performing acts and acting scenes that are unwritten until we step into them. It is up to us to write the play of our life, and to act it out with creativity, integrity, thoughtfulness, and commitment.

For most of us, our way in life is not immediately apparent. Instead, we are invited to ascend the steep mountain of life that we are destined to climb, one small step at a time.

When I was in the midst of a life crisis that spanned many years, a trusted friend said to me, “Susan, someday you will look back on this crisis and remember it as the golden gift it was intended to be. You will view your experience from a totally different point of view – not from pain and despair, but from the depth of wisdom you gained and from the doors that subsequently opened for you, doors that allowed you to serve others in a genuine way.” In time, I came to see that my friend was absolutely right.

I would not be who I am today had I not had many "kicks" in the you-know-where, kicks that shifted my perception of what happened TO me to what happened FOR me. Regardless of the traumas, disappointments, and confusions we face in our lives, we can eventually choose to reframe them as a powerful impetus to serve our soul’s evolution.

The only time my physical and emotional pain has ever subsided is when I have been engaged in meaningful service. I somehow move to a different vibration – a vibration that exists beyond the pain. Meaningful service emanates from the heart and can be as simple as smiling at a grumpy clerk or as complex as heading a large company.

My Dad was a constant corrector. When I was an adult, he told me that when I was five years old, I asked him to “stop correcting me because I have to learn from my mistakes.” He said I was so emphatic and adult when I said this that I scared him. Obviously, he had deep feelings about this.  I have had to re-remember the truth of self-responsibility many times throughout my life.

We are not only products of our parents and home life. Our development is molded as much by deprivation as by nurturance. When our soul is determined to evolve, it will find a way to take what we are given, no matter how devastating, and see it is a gift that has been offered to us to use for healing and growth. Delineating the ups and downs of our life enables us to see how we can transform the obstacles into gifts. As we reflect on the events of our life and how they affected us at the time, we discover the meaning behind both positive and negative memories. No experience in life is wasted. Unexpected obstacles in our lives teach us about the human psyche and its need for healing – and thus how to turn rocks to fertile soil.

We believe in others because others believed in us. My family heritage and focus on the practical has given me the stamina and organizational skills to bring into reality the application of universal psychological and spiritual concepts. By pushing against the traditional, I broke out of conventionality and discovered that by nature I am multidisciplinary, metaphysical, most at home in Eastern spiritual traditions, and more a resident of the world than of one specific place. I know I can do more if I have a vibration of love in the world rather than one of separation or polarization.

Patience provides the wisdom to do the right thing at the right time, in the right way, and for the right reason. Impatience impedes wisdom gathering SIGNIFICANTLY.

What does it mean to serve “through God’s eyes”?  Perhaps it is not what we do that matters but the love and gratitude with which we do it.

The highest service that any one of us can give to another is to discover and learn to live a life that SHOWS ANOTHER WAY and that encourages others to show another way.

Each of us is blessed with the presence of an Angelic Being, a Being given to us by God.  This Angelic Being goes by various names, including Solar Angel, Guardian Angel, Higher Self, and God’s Representative. I refer to this Being as my Solar Angel.  Located about eight inches above the head, the Solar Angel’s energy extends down through the crown of our head into our heart.

Our Solar Angel protects, guides, teaches, and inspires us so that we evolve into the person we are intended to be: spiritual being having a physical experience – a human being with a potential for having a precious life, a life defined by purpose, integrity, love, peace, creativity, and appreciation. Our Solar Angel communicates to us through thought impressions, dreams, words, and unexpected, or synchronistic, events. Our Solar Angel is never judgmental or critical and does not impose its will on us. We may refer to our Solar Angel as a she or he.

Our Solar Angel knows us better than we know ourselves. She knows what we have and have not yet learned about living a purposeful life. She knows what would enable us to live our life completely and well through service to humanity, animals, and nature. When we make a mistake, she reframes our mistake by saying, “now that you went that way, let’s see what you have learned and if your choices and actions can still bring you good fruit.”

Synchronistic events give us experiences that guide us, awaken us, and alert us to how we can live a fulfilling and meaningful life. We know destiny is calling us when we learn to listen, to wait, to be patient, to watch, to be present, to have an open heart, to listen to life, and to find the real story of our life – a life unlike the kind we see on TV, the news, the movies, or the internet. Synchronicity supports the emergence of our destiny through events that occur in the right way and for the right reason. SLOWING DOWN is essential if we wish to recognize and benefit from synchronistic events.

The breadth and depth of our soul is not always readily visible to us. Yet we stand strong, like a tree, nurtured by genial sunshine and fed by amiable rain. We thrive even when buffeted by roaring winds and hair-raising storms. Our strong and deep roots support us and our soul coaxes us to reach heavenward to the Light in times of calm as well as moments of adversity.

Although we may stand supported and encouraged in the company of others, our destiny, like our birth and death, is a solo journey. Of course, we always have our Solar Angel standing with us, gently supporting us and cheering us on. Our soul’s vision is to share the fruits of our personal growth with joy and enthusiasm on behalf of humanity’s potential.



Start a journal to nurture the gift of reflecting on wisdom you have gathered in your life. 

Explore the "golden gifts" you've been given for healing and growth, and how you have turned these rocks into fertile soil – or how you still may today.


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Lincoln Answers Our Nation’s Call for Help

In today's poem, the spirit of Abraham Lincoln, the great wayshower, responds to our collective pain.

In the May 2014 poem published on this blog, I expressed the intense pain I felt for our country using a creative medium known as “medicine poetry.”  I titled the poem, “She Died in Front of the Lincoln Memorial,” addressing our nation’s divided nature and its focus on fulfilling personal desires at the expense of the greater good of humanity and the planet.  I voiced my feelings and concerns to the sacred image of Abraham Lincoln, perhaps the most beloved and vibrantly alive monument in our nation’s capital.  At the poem’s conclusion, I released my pain and felt at peace. [Read this poem HERE.]

Writing medicine poetry requires that we abandon all thoughts and merge with feelings, not knowing in advance what the poem will say or how it will evolve.  The intent of the poem is to allow the heart to express its authentic feelings, whether of pain or of glory.  Once the poem is written, the poet breathes in the medicine of calm and peace. Truth has been spoken; truth has been heard.  Truth heard without judgement releases pain.  Medicine poetry heals us, whether we write it ourselves or read medicine poetry written by another.  Strong medicine is speaking the right words at the right time and in the right way.

In today's poem, the spirit of Abraham Lincoln, the great wayshower, responds to our collective pain, which, although already significant, has nevertheless increased dramatically in the past two years.   He identifies the core dilemma our country now faces and conveys the SAME message of how our country can heal that he first proposed during The Civil War nearly 130 years ago. It is a challenging yet healing choice that we, as citizens of this conflicted country, must make if we are to move through and beyond our current state of chaos and strife.



Abraham Lincoln's Clarion Call


I sit in my marble chair
Living inward – gazing outward
To all who come to visit me:
I see your magnificent souls
I hear your appreciation
I know your pain


Remembering my time in history
I remain with you in spirit
Witnessing history repeat itself
The greater truth
The Civil War never ended
The cause unhealed
Unity unattained
The true cause
Now crises
Of epidemic proportions
Blanket our country
Few imagined
The manifold events
That now shatter
Our reality


Even so
Consciously forewarned
And prepared or not
No one is exempt from
Life-altering truths
Our country now faces


Entered into the darkness
Of bewildering inner
And outer chaos
Of psyches
How the world functions
Ways we operate within it
We have dimmed
Into a barren blend
Of mist and smoke


Much of what once was
Cannot be reconstructed
Cannot be revised
Yet tucked among
The ashes of the past
Are durable remnants
And cherished seeds
Still vibrating with life


I promise you:
A door of sacred fortune
WILL open before you
We WILL cross a threshold


What our ears once silenced
We will soon hear
The irrepressible
Clarion call of life
A call sounded
At the beginning of time
When we forgot
Who we were
Why we had come
Hearing the clarion blast
We awaken
To our injured world


We disconnected
From the Sacred Source
From one another
Now we know
Our connection
Always remained
That it was
Our awareness of connection
That called to be returned


I invite you
To move into inner silence
Write medicine poetry
Acknowledge your personal pain
Focus on what really matters
Smooth the eagle's feathers
Celebrate the learned lessons
Of equality
Of greater good
Of unity within diversity
God doesn’t care
If we make mistakes
God only cares
If we learn from them


I, Abraham Lincoln,
Remind you
Of an unwavering Truth
I upheld
For our country’s wholeness
Proposed during The Civil War:

We may ACT separated
And divided
But we ARE not
We remain
Destined to answer
A clarion call
Of life and action


Called by our Sacred Source
To attain our True Destiny
Live with unconditional
Love and compassion
A global family
In a world
Of One



Place your awareness in your heart.  Write a medicine poem that expresses your truth about healing our country.  Remember, writing medicine poetry requires that we allow the words to flow, abandoning all thoughts and merging with feelings, not knowing in advance what the poem will say or how it will evolve. Allow your heart to express its authentic feelings. When thoughts distract you or words cease, return to the silence of your heart’s awareness.  Once the poem is written, breathe in the medicine of calm and peace.

'"[F]ew successful statesmen have escaped the tendency of power to harden or at least to narrow their human sympathies; but [Lincoln's] natural wealth of tender compassion became richer and more tender, while in the stress of deadly conflict he developed an astounding strength.'" 

~ Peter Wehner, quoting Lord Charnwood writing in 1916,
"Can We Find Our Way Back to Lincoln?",

New York Times, July 17, 2016 ~



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Stephen Levine. Becoming Kuan Yin: the Evolution of Compassion. San Francisco: Weiser Books, 2013.

Living the Destiny of Your Group or Organization (Part II)

A group's spiritual destiny emerges when the group begins the journey of the evolution
of its soul.

Throughout my personal and professional life, I have studied, experienced, and written about destiny, whether it was personal destiny or that of groups, organizations, the country, or the world.  In the Part I of this blog article, I wrote about one's personal destiny.  In this article, Part II on destiny, I share some of what I have discovered about the destinies of groups and organizations.  Part III will address the destiny of the United States and the planet.

Listen to an interview with Susan Trout:
"Exploring How to Discover the Destiny 
of Your Group or Organization"
Listen HERE

In Part I, I defined destiny as an unrealized potential within us that persists in its yearning to be fulfilled. I also noted that we have two destinies, personal and spiritual.  The same is true for groups and organizations.  (Note: "Groups" includes organizations in this article.)

Groups, like individuals, use their free will – a gift from the Divine – to determine their purpose, attitudes, structures, and activities, and to choose whether or not to manifest the group's personal destiny. Using their collective free will – the joined wills of group members – they engage in constructive or destructive actions within their own group and/or towards other groups.

The group's spiritual destiny emerges when the group begins the journey of the evolution of its soul.  When the group's personal destiny joins its spiritual destiny, the heart of each group member is aligned with the Group Soul.  When this alignment occurs, the group has one destiny, not two.  Every group or organization has a destiny to discover, whether the group is conscious of it or not. Individuals are drawn to a certain group because they have similar destinies and are in a similar stage of soul development.

There is one overarching destiny of all groups: to discover what it means to be a group and to remember that the world is sacred. A group is truly blessed if it can eventually and authentically say, "We are living and fulfilling our highest potential.  We have said yes to our destiny."

A group need not be famous or successful in worldly terms to claim a destiny. Destiny is not about competing or comparing ourselves to others.  A group's destiny may be to be a family, a small business, a department in a large corporation, an academic department of a university, a civic office (such as a fire or police station), and so forth. Alternatively, a group's destiny may be an example of courage, patience, unconditional love, inner strength, or wisdom that emerged during a time of failure, misconduct, loss, or illegal behavior.

Group destiny emerges through synchronicity.  Synchronicity, or the flow of unexpected events, is a signal that a group's destiny is unfolding.  Synchronistic events guide the leader and group, alerting them to the next step needed in their destiny journey. Synchronicity events occur at the right time, in the right way, and for the right reason.  Many groups feel overwhelmed by problems and demands coming at them at lightning speed. If they wish to notice and benefit from the flow of synchronistic events, groups must slow down. The more the group slows down and awaits synchronistic events to show the way, the easier it will be for the group to notice when steps of its destiny emerge.

Groups typically experience challenges in attracting the right environment to live out their destiny. A group may have an outline of the story of its destiny, but there are different ways this destiny can be lived out.  For example, because a group is not isolated, its destiny story can be shaped by the choices of others, such as group members' families, the group's larger community, as well as local, national, and international events, including the results of elections and the choices of civic and world leaders, governments, countries, and so on. In addition, individual group members, using their free will, make choices that can enhance, shift, or impede a group's destiny journey.

I have observed that leaders and groups tend to expect their destiny to be quickly and easily revealed and even fulfilled.  They therefore do not take time to educate themselves about how to work together towards fulfilling their destiny.  Destiny does not happen instantly.  It emerges step by step over time.  Therefore, a wise motto for a group to remember is:  It takes time to save time – it takes time for a group to be born well and to stay well. When we take time to be born well and stay well, we save time because less time and effort are needed to solve problems and conflicts.  Unresolved problems become embedded and resistant to change.  Said in another way, we save time if we listen to the whispers before the problems become screams.

I have selected what I consider to be four essential processes that support the emergence of a group's destiny: shared vision, holographic systems thinking, shared decision making, and soul lessons of leaders and groups. When groups decide to engage wholeheartedly in these processes, they are welcoming the emergence of their group destiny. These processes, among others, are described in depth in my book, The Clarion Call: Leadership and Group Life in the Aquarian Era.

1. SHARED VISION. Individuals have a personal vision; groups have a shared vision. Many group leaders and members do not understand how a shared vision evolves and reveals itself over time. The initial shared vision of a group is simply where the group starts. A group needs to know where it is in its relationship to attaining its shared vision and where the group has yet to go. Usually, as a group comes close to attaining its current shared vision, there is lag of energy or a loss of focus, an absence of enthusiasm, and increased interpersonal conflicts, indicating that it is time for the leader and group to review and reset the shared vision. When a group has a shared vision, a group member's question, "What is mine to do?" matches the group's question, "What is ours to do?"

2HOLOGRAPHIC SYSTEMS THINKING. In a holographic model, the shared vision, mission, and philosophy of the organization is expressed in all parts of the organization, from phone calls and emails, to the work of the cleaning staff, individual departments and programs, administrative staff – all the way to the executive director, president, or CEO. In this way, the growth and wellbeing of group members, as well as of the group as a whole, are supported. KEY in a holographic model is for each group member engaged in any activity of the group to ALWAYS ask the question: "Who else in the group or organization needs to know this in order to carry out his or her responsibilities?" The failure to ask this question, as many know, results in the development of significant conflict among members of the group. [To learn more holographic organizations, see my article on The Clarion Way website HERE.]

3. SHARED DECISION MAKING. When a group focuses on what really matters, a shared decision will emerge. This approach invites every perspective of an issue to be heard. Assuring that the decision reflects the group's shared vision, mission, and philosophy is a critical part of shared decision making. Shared decision making is not the same as consensus. When a group uses consensus, some members may not totally agree, but they can live with the opinion that others espouse.  With shared decision making, a synthesis of group member's individual perspectives organically emerges and all group members eventually agree to the same decision, one that conveys what really matters and reflects saying and doing the right thing in the right way for the right reason at the right time.

4. SOUL LESSONS OF LEADERS AND GROUPS. Leaders and group members recognize and manifest their group's destiny journey by practicing five soul lessons. I describe the soul lessons of both leaders and groups in depth in two of The Soul of Service Trilogy books:  The Awakened Leader and The Clarion Call. The soul lessons of leaders are vision, right relations, analysis, synthesis, and to stand alone.  The soul lessons of groups are shared vision, greater good, right relations, service, and standing strong in group consciousness. [To learn more about the soul lessons of leaders and the soul lessons of groups, see my articles on The Clarion Way website HERE and HERE.]

We are all citizens of the Earth and thus are blessed with precious lives.  I can think of no topic that is as important in today's world as that of joining together to fulfill the destiny of our group or organization.  Such a destiny is a clarion call from the heart: it must be heeded if we are to truly live life – as individuals and groups – completely and well.



As you may recall from reading Part I of this article, practicing group communication guidelines is essential if you wish to create emotional safety in your groups.  

If you would like a copy of the Institute's Communication Guidelines to assist you in determining relevant guidelines in your own group, email me HERE with an explanation of how you feel guidelines might be helpful specifically to your group.


Get a printable copy of this teaching HERE.



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Destiny ~ Our Life's Masterpiece (Part I)

Destiny emerges, one amazing step at a time,
as precious seeds
planted in the present
for future sprouting.

Note:  This blog post is the first of three in a series about destiny.  The first blog defines personal and spiritual destiny, the second explores the destiny of leaders and groups/organizations, and the third addresses the destiny of the United States and our planet.  I invite my blog readers to embrace destiny as essential to the wellbeing of themselves, humanity, Planet Earth, and the Universe.


Listen to an interview with Susan Trout:
"Do You Know Your Group's Destiny?
Exploring How to Discover the Destiny 
of Your Group or Organization"
Listen HERE

I am on a train traveling from London to Wales, where I am scheduled to give a workshop on inner healing.  Gazing out of the window, I am comforted by the beauty of the plush green- and brown-speckled rolling hills. A thought arises when I recall the healing workshops I have just led in Paris and London: I ponder the depth of emotional pain I witnessed in the group members that resulted from the trauma of emotional and physical neglect and abuse.  I muse that the psyche can take considerable abuse, but that there comes a point when it shatters.  At that moment, because we can no longer withstand the pain, we spiral into despair.  As I reflect upon this, I become aware of how fortunate I am to have healed, ultimately, from my own mental anguish. I see that the despair I experienced gradually transformed into inner strength and taught me how to help those in similar circumstances.

As the train sped towards Wales, I knew a vital aspect of my destiny had emerged – namely, that I was destined to honor the mind-body-spirit's need for wholeness and to help others reintegrate their fractured psyches, one gentle step at a time.  My entire life has focused on discovering how the psyche functions, how it can be wounded, and how it can be "mended." My clinical training in communication disorders and neuropsychology prepared me well, but my major understanding of the human psyche came from observing my own psyche and the psyches of others.

Over time, other steps emerged that supported my destiny's unfoldment.  I noticed I always had a persistent, in-the-bones desire for inner peace and for living life completely and well.  My heart sang whenever I had the opportunity to learn, practice, and teach about service, which I deemed to be global in scope and metaphysical in nature.  I began to view service as an evolution of the soul and the means to happiness for individuals, leaders, groups, and organizations.  Synchronistic opportunities, both major and minor, supported this destiny. Three were particularly significant: First, I was offered the opportunity to cofound and chair a holistic-clinical university training program in brain disorders.  Second, I was invited to cofound and lead a community service organization that trained adults and teens to serve those seeking emotional and spiritual support.  In both the university and nonprofit settings, I designed trainings that required helpers to care for their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health by engaging in inner work and spiritual development, and to willingly extend the gifts of their healing in service to others. Third, I was inspired and financially supported to share these teachings by writing The Soul and Service Trilogy.

I have lived my true "pie in the sky" destiny.  However, it emerged in a way contrary to what this idiom implies: it has required hard work, perseverance, humility, determination, discernment, and the recognition that certain free-will decisions could take me off purpose.  I discovered that destiny journeys typically include both smooth sailing in calm waters and battering winds that drift us off course.


As I reflect upon the journey of my destiny as well as that of others, I have observed certain attributes that define or are characteristic of the destinies of all of us. Those who wish to move toward their destiny and recognize its emerging steps may be guided and supported by these attributes.

1) Destiny exists as an unrealized potential within us that persists in its yearning to be fulfilled.  As a strong passion to which we cannot say no, destiny arises from within, driving us forward.  It is as though our soul taps us on the shoulder and calls us to action by providing experiences that enable our destiny to be fulfilled.

2) We have a personal destiny and a spiritual destiny.  Our personal destiny uses the unique qualities and inclinations of our personality and its free will to make choices in the world, searching outside ourselves for our right "to be."  Our personal destiny often reveals itself in our attitudes and preferences and in the outward activities we choose in our daily life, such as work, hobbies, interests, or recreation.   Spiritual destiny occurs when we turn inward and begin the journey of the spiritual evolution of our soul.  Our personal destiny joins with our spiritual destiny when we align our heart with the Divine through our Soul, or Higher Self.  When this alignment occurs, we have one destiny, not two.  That is, we begin to develop a Soul-infused personality.  [For further information on the Soul-infused personality, and the distinction between the human soul and the Soul, or Higher Self, see the Soul Alignment practice in my blog entry entitled "Waking Up: Healing from Kabooms by Aligning with Our Soul (Part II)."]

My personal story at the beginning of this blog entry is an example of such an alignment.  We intuitively know what is right for us to be and do on our journey.  When we follow our intuition by listening within, we generate the inspiration and energy needed to fulfill our soul's destiny, which is our individual spiritual assignment.  If we ignore our intuition and only use our free will, we risk going off course and missing opportunities. We can always choose whether or not to unite our personal and spiritual destinies.

3) Free will is the freedom to say absolutely yes, absolutely no, partly yes, or a conditional yes, if our destiny is on our own terms. Choice, an activity of the will, is the vehicle we use to manifest or not manifest our destiny in the world. We use our free will to decide if we have the desire, courage, and commitment to say "yes, I choose to follow my destiny."  Free will is a gift from the Divine.  It is an aspect of our personality and can be used with or without our Soul's participation. In this way, our free will can be used for good or for harm. Collective free will without alignment with the Group Soul can lead to destructive and violent group actions towards humanity, animals, our planet, and cyberspace.  Groups can impose their free will onto another group and disrupt its destiny.  For example, because of extreme danger, a group of citizens may need to leave their country.  In such instances, the displaced group will need to redefine its destiny after moving to its new home in a new country.

4) We may experience challenges in attracting the right environment to live out our soul's destiny. We have an outline of the story of our soul's destiny within us, but there are different ways our destiny can be lived out.  Because we do not live isolated lives, our destiny's story is shaped by the choices of family, friends, colleagues, communities, citizen groups, leaders, governments, countries, and so forth – as well as the decisions, from local elections to world events – that result from these choices.  Persons using their free will may influence our destiny by enhancing, shifting, or impeding its journey.  Should this occur, we can make choices we had not previously considered that will enable us to fulfill our destiny.

5) The seeds of our destiny begin in childhood.  Our destiny can be seen in how we played as children, our personality traits, what books we chose to read, what values our parents espoused, what activities we liked or disliked, and what we announced we wanted to be when we grew up.  Regardless of our preferences, as either children or young adults, we recognized on some level the presence of an irresistible power within us that would determine the course of events in our lives and make our life meaningful and uniquely ours.

6) There are as many different destinies as there are people on earth.  All of us have a destiny, whether we are conscious of it or not. We can become aware of our destiny at an early age, in later life, or not at all.  We do not have to force our destiny to manifest, but we do have to take action.  Biographies provide examples of the various ways personal destinies can emerge. Leaders, families, groups, organizations, countries, animals, and our planet also have a destiny.

7) We need not be famous or successful in worldly terms to claim a destiny. Our fulfillment may be as a medic, farmer, firefighter, parent, banker, actor, teacher, caretaker of animals, scientist, activist, hermit, or truck driver.  Regardless of the form of our destiny and how others perceive us, recognizing and fulfilling our destiny is essential to our happiness and wellbeing.

8) Following our destiny does not mean we know every twist and turn in the road or that we avoid barriers blocking our progress at certain junctures in our journey. The process of using our experiences to learn, grow, and serve supports the emergence of our destiny despite painful setbacks, losses, mistakes in judgment, failure to be self-responsible, neglect of self-care, and resistance to honoring and celebrating our progress. Using our free will, we may engage in the above list of setbacks and even travel down many false paths before we find the one path we yearn to follow.

9) Destiny emerges through synchronicity.  Synchronicity, or the flow of unexpected events, is a signal of one's destiny unfolding.  Synchronistic events lead us forward by giving us experiences that guide us, awaken us, and alert us to how we can live a fulfilling and meaningful life.  We know destiny is calling us when we learn to listen, to wait, to be patient, to watch, to be present, to have an open heart, to listen to life, and to find the real story of our life, not the story we see on TV, in the news, or on the internet.  Synchronicity supports the emergence of our destiny through events that occur in the right way and for the right reason.  Slowing down is essential if we wish to recognize and benefit from synchronistic events.

10) When we say yes to our destiny, we sense an inner certainty that we can and will complete the task assigned to us, knowing it matches our abilities and talents. We are meant to put in hours of time and shoulder burdens as part of our destiny. We attend meetings, write letters, empty trash, and deal with personal challenges.  We stretch our limits and encourage others to do the same.  We patiently combine our talent, love, and willingness during times of setbacks and errors in discernment.

In summary, every soul has a destiny to discover.  The overarching destiny of our soul's existence, which is the overarching destiny of all humans, is to remember that the world is sacred and to discover what it means to be a human being.  At the time of our death, we are blessed if we can authentically say, "I have lived.  I have loved.  I have said yes to my destiny."

I don't know what your destiny will be,
but one thing I know:
the only ones among you who will be really happy
are those who have sought and found how to serve.

~ Albert Schweitzer


Reaching for a Star


Imagine a trusted family member, friend, or colleague describing your destiny in a eulogy. 

How might they describe your destiny and its fulfillment? 

What would you especially want them to acknowledge about your destiny?

Share with me what you experienced as you work with the Reflection exercise,
or just say hello and let me know if you are finding my blog of value.
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Photo Attribution: JWSchmidt at en.wikiversity GFDL ( via Wikimedia Commons.

Waking up: Healing from Kabooms by Aligning with Our Soul (Part II)

One action we can take to feel safe in an unsafe world is to “sing the song of Divine Light” by aligning
with our Soul.

In my last blog entry, I wrote about the presence of kabooms in our lives.  I described two major kinds of kabooms, namely those emotionally explosive events that shatter our current reality or those incidents that move us so deeply that they dramatically shift our inner reality to a more loving and expansive one.

In this blog entry, I would like to share an essential spiritual practice that sustains the connection to our Soul whenever we experience a shattering kaboom during the present transition from the third and fourth dimensions into that of the fifth.  (See my blog entry "Ride the Waves of Destiny into the Fifth Dimension: A Clarion Call" for a description of these dimensions and of the Piscean-Aquarian transition.)  Kabooms that trigger our fears during this transition can relate to personal traumas, climate change, warring nations, economic collapse, random murders, or species extinctions.

Soul Alignment

One action we can take to feel safe in an unsafe world is to “sing the song of Divine Light” by aligning with our Soul.  When we align with our Soul, we simultaneously invoke and thus sing the song of Divine Light.  This song is a silent inner experience of Divine Light. Our Soul’s purpose is to protect, guide, teach, and inspire.  Aligning with our Soul can be done whenever we feel a need for protection, support, and guidance.

:  The human soul (lower case “s”) is located in the heart.  Therefore, in the alignment exercise, the words “heart” and “human soul” are used interchangeably.  A person's Soul (capital “S”) is located about eight inches above the head.  The sutratma is the thread of Divine Light from the Soul to the soul.  Our personality consists of our etheric-physical, emotional, and mental bodies.  The Light of our Soul extends through the sutratma and into these bodies, enabling us to have a Soul-infused personality.

Directions:  Sit in a comfortable position when doing the alignment exercise and in a quiet place where you will not be interrupted.  Pause at least 10 seconds between each step.

  1. Take a deep breath to calm your physical body. (pause)
  2. Take a deep breath to calm your emotional body. (pause)
  3. Take a deep breath to calm your mental body. (pause)
  4. Focus your awareness in your heart.
  5. Visualize a line of Light extending from your heart down to the heart of the Mother of the Earth.
  6. Visualize a line of Light from your heart to your Soul located above your head.
  7. Visualize the Light extending from your Soul to Divine Source.
  8. Sit in silence as you hold this alignment from the heart of the Mother of the Earth to Divine Source.  See the Light of Source moving down the alignment to the heart of the Mother of the Earth and then back again to Source, creating a circuit of energy carrying Divine Will to all levels of manifestation.  (You may either sit in silence for a few moments or meditate for 15-20 minutes at this stage of the Soul Alignment.)
  9. Recognize this knowing within yourself: The Peace of God is shining in me now.
  10. Chant 3 OMs.

"The Peace of God is shining in me now" is a favorite quote of mine from A Course in Miracles workbook lesson.  I close this blog entry with further words from this Course lesson, which conveys the spiritual essence of Soul Alignment:

Light is not of the world…The light came with you from your native home, and stayed with you because it is your own. It is the only thing you bring with you from Him Who is your Source. It shines in you because it lights your home, and leads you back to where it came from and you are at home." (W-p1.188.1:1-8)


What insights have I gained by practicing
the Soul Alignment? 

In what way have these insights shifted my awareness that “the peace of God is shining in me now?”

Share with me what you experienced as you work with the Reflection exercise, or just say hello and let me know if you are finding my blog of value.
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Adapted from  © Susan S. TroutThe Clarion Call: Leadership and Group Life in the Aquarian Era. Alexandria, VA: Three Roses Press, 2009.  Pp. 86-89.  Drawing by Ginger Graziano.

Photo Attribution: By Alias 0591 from the Netherlands (Ray of light  Uploaded by russavia) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons..