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The Institute will recognize its right place if its space conveys the spirit of its purpose, vision, and philosophy.

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on the Institute's search for our next right place
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A year ago [September 2012] I wrote a front page Newsletter article that encouraged readers to ask, “Am I in my right place?”  I inferred that groups, such as families, businesses, and organizations, might also ask that question.  I am returning to this topic in this Newsletter because our organization – the Institute – needs your help in finding its next right place.

For several reasons, it is timely that the Institute find its next right place.  The time is right for the Institute to say good-bye to its 20 years in Old Town Alexandria, sell its property, and move to its next right location.  Despite its unique history and beauty, we no longer need a 6,000 square foot property to fulfill our mission.  In today’s world, people look to the internet for their courses of study and shy away from traveling where traffic is snarled and where it is nearly impossible to find a place to park.  Therefore, beginning in 2008, we started developing courses based on the philosophy of The Soul and Service Trilogy.  We trained faculty and teaching staff to teach both emote and onsite programs.  Our newly designed website at describes the courses, workshops, practices, trainings, and retreats we now offer and the staff members who are teaching them.

The Will is meant to guide you to your right place and will do it if allowed to. ~ Ceanne DeRohan

The Institute has relocated five times in its 33-year history.  Each time we needed to move, we found our perfect place from someone connected to the Institute who, in the course of her or his daily life, had noticed a possible building for us.  Because synchronicity could easily happen again, we invite you to join us in the search to find our next right place.

In the previous front page Newsletter article, I mentioned ways individuals recognize their right place.  These ways also apply to groups searching for their next right location.  Therefore, the Institute, as a group, will recognize its right place

  • if we know that finding our right place is a spiritual matter of the heart
  • if it meets our space needs for operating our nonprofit service organization
  • if its space conveys the spirit of our purpose, vision, and philosophy
  • if it is a place from which we can manifest our mission

Call or email us if you notice a house that might be our next right place (703-706-5333; Our realtor and board members will then look into what you have found.

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For an update from March 2015
on the Institute's search for our next right place
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